My Body, My Choice is presenting a new exhibition on the real stories of abortion and reproductive justice.

#MyBodyMyChoice is a partner-driven social and community media campaign that aims to break the silence and end the stigma around a critical sexual and Reproductive health issue: access to safe abortion.

This campaign is running from May 28 to September 28 2019.



Join the Movement: Do you believe women have the first say in a decision related to their bodies and health? Do you believe that it is the right time to be speaking up on a woman’s right to choose? Are you an advocate for women’s empowerment and their SRHR?


Last year, Health-e News developed a documentary on this crucial issue, which was broadcasted on eNCA’s investigative show Checkpoint. This documentary explores the realities of abortion in South Africa and the barriers women face while accessing safe abortion services. Three compelling and heartbreaking personal testimonies of women and their experience with illegal, and in one case, life-threatening abortion, gives us a glimpse of the challenges and barriers women face while seeking

abortion services in the country. Through undercover footage, we see how illegal abortion providers operate and the stigma that healthcare workers harbor against abortion. Two of our most vocal and active champions, Dr Tlaleng Mofokeng and Dr Melusi also highlight the social and systemic barriers that impact access and compel women to resort to extreme measures to terminate an unwanted pregnancy.

The episode was viewed by 1.4 million people, with a repeat telecast on ETV.