Dating customs of American versus Europeans

While there are some general rules for dating that you can follow, cultural differences are important to learn. If you happen to be in Europe or America, there are different customs you need to know about. To help you out, here are the differences between dating customs in Europe and in America!

Labels For Stages Of A Relationship

One of the biggest differences in customs between European and American dating is that Americans like to add labels to relationships more than Europeans. For instance, dating South Jersey escorts would be considered casual dating to Americans, but a European may not feel the need to add a label at all.

For instance, Americans may be more into the idea of formal and casual dates. On the other hand, Europeans often get into group activities where they meet other people, and the relationship would slowly develop over time. On the other hand, an American may want a more intimate date with a potential partner or escort.


While both Americans and Europeans can be confident people, you can notice a huge difference on how they present themselves on dates. For instance, most Americans believe that they have to deliver a lot of self confidence during a date to impress the other person.

However, Europeans tend to take a more low-key and casual stance while on dates. Normally, they have more casual self-assurance, so you may not notice a European acting overly confident during a date.

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The Idea Of Options

In America, most people are taught that dating is meant to be fun and with a lot of people. This is because Americans are taught that there are so many people, so you should have back up plans and other options if things do not work out with the other person that you are dating. As such, they find it harder to settle since they may believe that someone “better” may be nearby.

On the other hand, most Europeans do not have this concept when it comes to dating. They do not usually worry about finding a back up plan or what other person may be waiting. Instead, they focus on having fun with the time that they have with the current person that they date.

How They Meet People

In the United States, Americans have tons of ways to meet people, and most of these methods are very intentional. This means that they often go to certain places to meet people to date. For instance, Americans like to hit up bars and nightclubs while signing up for online dating apps to see what people they can date.

However, most Europeans take a more organic approach when it comes to meeting people. They will normally meet people through group gatherings, parties, mutual friends, etc. instead of intentionally seeking out dates.

To Conclude

While some countries have standard rules when it comes to dating, each area will have unique customs. Remember the different dating customs above to learn more about the difference between European and American dating!